We established Talented to change the way IT-recruitment works and to turn the focus from companies to talents. Talented is the talent agency for IT professionals that helps both developers and freelancers to find the best companies and projects. We're a 900+ developer-strong network and have over 100 hand-picked companies that we work with, and here you can find our partners’ job openings.

How this works

1. View the job openings and pick the ones you like the most

2. By applying you'll apply to Talented Network

3. Once you're a member of the Talented Network you'll get access to all the relevant openings, meet the key decision makers directly and get your hands on all our services (outsourced job and project hunting, coaching, insights on company cultures, salary levels, recruiting processes and technical evaluations) and our events. Everything free of charge.

Last update: February 2018



  • Andreas Prudzilko

    Talented Freelancer

    “ “ Talented acquires interesting and tailored projects without me having to spend time and effort on sales. This way I can focus on my work while my agent does the project hunting. ” ”

  • Irina Koski

    Software Developer / Citrus Solutions

    “ “ In the end of 2017 I wasn’t actively looking for a new workplace, but I decided to check what was out there. I got in touch with Talented and got a new job quickly. Long story short, it has been the easiest way of finding a new job in my life! ” ”

  • Antti Tuomaala

    Developer / Motley Agency

    “ “ I was starting out again after a long break from coding. I was surprised of the wide array of offers I could choose from at Talented. Career coaching helped me in what direction I’d like to take my career and choosing the right job for me. ” ”